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14.        Water Treatment Chemicals

Closed System Water Treatment-Heating and Cooling Systems-
Closed loop Heating and cooling system products are
formulated for a wide range of applications ranging from OEM cooling
to building air conditioning and transportation equipment.

BWT 822S
BWT 822S is a solid form corrosion and scale inhibitor intended for
use in closed loop water cooling systems. 822S is a combination
blend of an anionic sludge conditioner, nitrite, borate, mild steel
corrosion inhibitor plus a yellow metal corrosion inhibitor. BWT 822S
provides complete corrosion and scale inhibition for both hot and
chilled closed loop systems. Application rate is one water soluble bag
per 100 gallons of system capacity. BWT822S is not intended for
systems with aluminum radiators. Product is available in cases of
24 bags.

Watertool 4435C
Watertool 4435C is a silicate free water soluble corrosion inhibitor intended for closed loop
cooling systems operating with little or no water makeup requirements. It contains a blend
of corrosion inhibitors and pH buffers that will protect brass, copper, aluminum and steel
and iron from pitting and corrosion. Effective treatment for most systems may be obtained
with product concentrations between 5% and 10%. Watertool 4435C is available in cases
of 12 one quart bottles or other container sizes.

Watertool 4437
Watertool 4437 is a nitrite free closed loop cooling system inhibitor and scale preventative.
Its neutral formula makes it suitable for use in systems with aluminum radiators or heat
exchangers. Watertool 4437 is ideal for systems using hard water makeup.

Watertool 4439
Watertool 4439 is an industrial cooling or heating system scale and corrosion inhibitor.
Watertool 4439 is formulated with a blend of corrosion and scale inhibitors to prevent
deposits, rust and corrosion on ferrous and non ferrous metals. Watertool 4439 can be
used in closed recirculating systems operating on hard water. Watertool 4439 is light green
in color. It is not intended for systems with aluminum radiators. Watertool 4439 is available
in one gallon, five gallon and drum container sizes.

    Heat Treat Water Conditioner
Heat Treat Water Conditioner is ideal for closed water recirculating systems with little or no
water makeup. It contains a blend of nitrite corrosion inhibitors with buffers, dispersants
and a yellow metal corrosion inhibitor. Heat Treat Water conditioner is available in 5 gallon
pails, 55 gallon drums and in totes.  

      Watertool 4491
Watertool 4491 is a fully formulated, non nitrite product intended for closed loop
recirculating water systems. Watertool 4491 contains a blend of inorganic corrosion
inhibitors, dispersants and scale control agents to keep critical heat exchange surfaces
clean. It is ideal for larger systems where the use of nitrite is undesirable or any system
that operates on hard water makeup. Watertool 4491 contains no chromate.

      CTPG 50/50 Yellow
CT PG 50/50 is an inhibited ready to use propylene glycol intended for use in close loop
systems where the lower toxicity and freeze protection of propylene glycol is desirable.

       Watertool Leak Detector
Watertool Leak Detector is a concentrated liquid dye and penetrant. It is water soluble
liquid packaged in convenient ready to use one quart bottle. For most applications, one
quart of Watertool Leak Detector should be applied per 400 gallons of water. It is ideal for
use by maintenance or production personnel n locating leaks in water based systems.
Watertool Leak Detector turns bright green when diluted with the proper amount of water.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Products-Open Loop Evaporating Systems Watertool
series of Cooling Tower Water Treatment Products are intended for open loop evaporative
cooling systems. Applications range from air conditioning, air compressor cooling, process
cooling and power plant operations. Water chemistry and application temperature is a vital
consideration in the choice of cooling tower water treatment products. A system survey and
water treatment chemistry tests must be completed before product treatment
recommendations can be made. We have a number of different cooling tower water
treatment products formulated for different operating environments and water chemistry

 SC 1.0/Hydroblend Phos HW
Solid, slowly soluble scale and corrosion inhibitor suitable for use in very small systems with
no treatment control equipment.  The SC 1.0 unit is a specially manufactured feeder unit
that houses a slowly soluble treatment cartridge. The soluble scale inhibitors in the
Hydroblend Phos HW cartridge slowly dissolve as makeup water passes through it,
releasing scale and corrosion inhibitor into the system. Each SC 1.0 unit with cartridge will
treat approximately 500,000 gallons of water.

 Watertool 4490
Watertool 4490 is a fully formulated scale and corrosion inhibitor for use in cooling towers
with moderate to hard water make up. 4490 contains a blend of phosphonates, polymer
dispersants and yellow metal corrosion inhibitors. Watertool 4490 is the product of choice
where economy is the deciding factor. Watertool 4490 may be controlled through the
sampling and testing with a Hach molybdenum test kit.

   Watertool 4492
Watertool 4492 is intended for cooling towers with low levels (less than 3 grains/gallon) of
hardness in the make up water. It contains a blend of phosphonates, polymer dispersants
and yellow metal corrosion inhibitors. Watertool 4492 can be controlled in use through
testing the orthophosphate level in the system using a Hach Orthophosphate test kit. In
most systems, Watertool 4492 is applied at a rate to produce 150 -250 ppm as product in
the recirculating cooling water.

   Watertool 4493
Watertool 4493 is formulated for high stress or high temperature cooling applications
operating on hard water make up. Watertool 4493 is an excellent choice for systems with
high hardness, high temperatures or high cycles of concentration. Maintain Watertool 4493
by sampling and testing the Molybdate concentration in the recirculating water.

     Watertool 4495
Watertool 4495 is formulated for a wide range of applications using surface water or make
up water with high levels of iron or other contaminants. Watertool 4495 is compatible with
acid pH control systems and oxidizing biocides. In most systems, Watertool 4495 is applied
at 150 – 250 ppm and is controlled using a Hach Molybdate test kit.

Watertool 4496
Watertool 4496 is a high performance cooling tower water treatment product suitable for
hard water systems. 4496 contains no molybdenum. It is ideal for use with bromine based
biocides. Watertool 4496 contains a blend of high performance polymers, scale inhibitors
and corrosion inhibitors. Watertool 4496 is recommended for moderate to hard water
applications where superior performance, scale inhibition and corrosion protection are
required. Watertool 4496 can be controlled using an orthophosphate test kit and is usually
applied at a rate of 150 to 250 ppm.

Watertool 4497
Watertool 4497 is a high performance product recommended for systems with moderate to
high levels of hardness. Watertool 4497 contains high performance dispersants,
surfactants, scale and corrosion inhibitors in a single package. 4497 may be controlled using
a molybdenum test kit and is usually applied at a rate of 150 to 250 ppm. Watertool 4497 is
the product of choice where system cleanliness and performance are critical.

Watertool 4498
Watertool 4498 is a special purpose cooling tower water treatment product intended for
applications with high levels of silica in the makeup water. Watertool 4498 contains
ingredients proven to control silica deposits under the most demanding circumstances. Use
of Watertool 4498 can save customers significant money by reducing cleaning time and

     Watertool 4499
Watertool 4499 is formulated specifically for customers with discharge restrictions on
molybdenum and phosphorous. Watertool 4499 contains and advanced blend of corrosion
and scale control agents. 4499 is normally applied at 150 to 250 ppm and is controlled
using a special test kit. Watertool 4499 is suitable for applications with moderate to hard
water makeup and moderate to high levels of bromine or chlorine biocides.

Biocides are pesticides whose use and disposal are regulated be federal and state
environmental protection agencies. Examine and test all cooling tower water systems
before recommending a biocide treatment program. If the system is noticeably fouled with
algae or other organisms, cleaning is recommended.

      MBC – 033
MBC – 033 is a solid, pellet type bromine biocide (BCDMH). It is recommended for cooling
tower systems with pH over 8.0 that have a halogen compatible bypass feeder available to
feed the product. For very small cooling towers, a floating pool chlorinator may be used to
dispense MBC- 033. Manufacturer’s recommended treatment levels vary with application,
but are typically in the range of 0.3 -0.5 ppm as free chlorine. Best practice for controlling
microbiological growth is to alternate MBC-033 with a non oxidizing biocide such as Busan

Bulab 6067
Bulab 6067 is a 45% glutaraldehyde solution in water. Bulab 6067 is a broad spectrum
microbiocide effective against slime forming bacteria and fungus. Bulab 6067 is usually slug
fed into the system based on system volume.

   Busan 1184
Busan 1184 is a broad spectrum microbiocide containing both an isothiazoline and a proven
algae preventative. Slug feed Busan 1184 in most systems at 50 to 250 ppm depending on
system cleanliness.

Busan 1078
Busan 1078 is a 1.5% isothiazoline based biocide that can be used to control a wide range
of microorganisms. Busan 1078 is usually slug fed into the cooling water system at 50 to
250 ppm depending on system cleanliness.

MECT-WS is a water soluble granular biocide packaged in 4 oz (WS) and 1 lb (WS-1) bags.
It comes packaged with 25 lbs of product in a resealable plastic pail. MECT itself is a
combination of two active microbiocides, providing broad spectrum control of fungi, bacteria
and algae in cooling towers. MECT-WS is ideal for small cooling towers without metered
control of biocide additions. Treat systems with one or two four ounce bags per 1000
gallons system volume. Place the water soluble bags in an area of good water flow and
they will slowly dissolve. Repeat treatment weekly or more often to achieve control.

WSCP is often recommended for use in controlling algae and other microorganisms in
cooling tower water. If the system is noticeably fouled, clean and physically remove algae
before beginning treatment for best results. WSCP is usually slug fed for best results.

Watertool Steam Boiler Water Treatment Products are formulated to control deposits,
eliminate corrosion and prevent oxygen pitting in steam boilers, condensate lines, tanks
and preboiler water treatment systems.

Watertool 4474
Watertool 4474 is a catalyzed liquid sodium bisulfite product formulated for use as an
oxygen scavenger in steam boiler systems. Watertool 4474 is typically fed to the storage
section of the deaerator or the feedwater tank. Dosage of Watertool 4474 is dependant on
the efficiency of the boiler deaeration equipment if any. For low pressure boilers, feed
Watertool 4474 in sufficient quantity to maintain a 30 – 60 ppm sulfite residual in the boiler
at all times. Higher pressure boilers and systems with excellent feedwater quality may
require lower dosages of Watertool 4474.

 Watertool 4476
Watertool 4476 is a phosphate/polymer sludge conditioner for low pressure steam boilers
up to 600 psig using softened or demineralized makeup water. Watertool 4476 should be
used with an oxygen scavenger and condensate corrosion inhibitor for complete system
protection. Watertool 4476 should be fed to the storage section of the deaerator or directly
to the boiler feedwater line and maintained at 30 – 60 ppm as phosphate. Boilers with high
pressure or excellent quality feedwater may require lower dosages of Watertool 4476.

   Watertool 4478
Watertool 4478 is a 20% DEAE product for use as a steam condensate corrosion inhibitor.
Watertool 4478 may be fed directly into the steam header. Feed sufficient Watertool 4478
to provide a condensate return line pH of 8.0 – 9.0.

Watertool 4480
Watertool 4480 is a blend of oxygen scavengers, condensate corrosion control agents,
dispersants and antiscale additives for use as a single drum boiler water treatment product.
Watertool 4480 is suitable for low pressure boilers operating on softened water. Watertool
4480 should be fed to the storage section of the deaerator or feedwater tank. Feed
sufficient Watertool 4480 to maintain 30 – 60 ppm sulfite residual in the boiler at all times.
Boilers with high quality feedwater may require lower dosages of Watertool 4480.

Watertool 4482
Watertool 4482 is a concentrated liquid steam condensate corrosion inhibitor intended for
low to medium pressure steam boilers. It contains a blend of amines to reduce corrosion in
steam and condensate return lines. Watertool 4482 is approved for use in FDA regulated

Watertool 4483
Watertool 4483 is concentrated liquid sludge conditioner intended for low to medium
pressure steam boilers. Watertool 4483 is approved for use in FDA regulated facilities.
Watertool 4483 is formulated with a blend of polymer dispersants, conditioning agents and
deposit control chemicals to keep internal boiler surfaces free of scale and deposits.
Watertool 4483 is intended for steam boiler treatment programs that employ a separate
oxygen scavenger and a condensate line corrosion inhibitor.

Waste Water Treatment Products: The following is a partial list of products available. For
most applications, jar testing and analysis is required to ensure compliance with discharge
regulations. Our technical service personnel are familiar with this procedure and can quickly
identify the optimum dosage for emulsion breakers, coagulants, flocculants and heavy metal
control agents.

i.        Robin AC-100 Polyaluminum Chloride
Polyaluminum chloride is the workhorse of wastewater treatment. Polyaluminum chloride
(PAC) is used to begin the coagulation and flocculation process in many systems. PAC is
often added after pH adjustment to assist in the coagulation and removal of dirt, metals
and other undesirable waste. PAC is available in 55 gallon drums and 2400 lb totes.

 Diatomaceous Earth
Diatomaceous Earth is sold as a filter aid and is used in many applications to improve the
efficiency of wastewater filtration prior to discharge. D.E. is comprised of tiny calcium rich
particles derived which act as a filter aid when added to filer presses and similar media
filters. D.E. is available in 50 lb bags on 2000 lb skids, 39 bags to the skid.

   Powdered Activated Carbon.
Powdered Activated Carbon is used as an adsorbent in water and wastewater treatment
processes, Powdered Activated Carbon may be used to remove organics from drinking
water or as an aid in compliance with discharge provisions of wastewater treatment.

  Accofloc SDG and Accofloc 350
Accofloc clays are coagulant aids used to adsorb oil and other materials for wastewater and
to assist the coagulation process. Accofloc SDG is granular, treated clay while Accofloc 350 is
powdered clay.

 RM 10 2015
RM 10 2015 is a highly treated clay coagulant and flocculant in one convenient package. RM
10 2015 contains clay plus coagulants and flocculants in one easy to use package. RM 10
2015 may be added to a mixing tank dry or used as a slurry in water.

   Liquisorb 1000
Liquisorb 1000 is a unique product used to absorb water in wastewater sludge drying
applications. Liqusorb 1000 absorbs up to 70 times its own weight in water with very little
expansion. It is a very cost effective replacement for customers using wood chips, clay
products or other organic absorbents to comply with landfill regulations.

EBC-1 is oil in water emulsion breaker for use in wastewater or other applications that
require oil splitting. A non chlorinated version of the product, EBC-8 is also available. Both
emulsion breakers will split soluble oils; remove oil from oily mop water and coolants being
processed through wastewater treatment.

Namet is a heavy metal control product used to ensure compliance with heavy metal
discharge regulations. Namet forms complexes with heavy metals like zinc and chromium
and allows them to collect into easily filterable floc.

Bufloc 5505 is a high molecular weight cationic flocculant used in conjunction with other
products in a complete wastewater treatment program. Bufloc 5505 may be used with
Polyaluminum chloride or other coagulants to achieve the desired clarity in the final
wastewater stream.

  BPL 5117
Bufloc 5117 is a high molecular weight cationic flocculant used in conjunction with other
products in a complete wastewater treatment program. Bufloc 5117 may be used with
Polyaluminum chloride or other coagulants to achieve the desired clarity in the final
wastewater stream.

Industrial Water System Cleaners and Defoamers

i.        Watertool 4405
Watertool 4405 is an inhibited sulfamic acid cleaner and descaler. Watertool 4405 contains
a unique indicator that turns yellow when the product is used up. It is ideal for use in
descaling cooling towers, boilers and process equipment that has a build up of calcium on it.
Watertool 4405 is available in 100 lb kegs.

 Sulfamic Acid
Chemtool also offers an undyed version of inhibited sulfamic acid. This product is used for
the same purposes as Watertool 4405, but contains no dye. Inhibited sulfamic acid is
available in 50 lb bags with a 4 bag minimum order.

SADA is an industrial water system cleaner and scale inhibitor. SADA is ideal for cleaning
systems fouled with dirt, mud, oil and grease or those systems that have heavy bacteria or
algae infestations. SADA removes deposits from cooling towers, boilers and air handlers.
SADA can be applied through a metering pump for continuous cleaning on systems with oil
leaks. SADA is available in 40 lb pails and 485 lb drums.

 BDF 4419 Defoamer
BDF 4419 is an industrial water system defoamer. It is used to control foam in industrial
wastewater, cooling towers or other applications experiencing foaming issues. BDF 4419 is
available in 40 lb pails and 450 lb drums.

Test Kits, Pumps and Controllers

a complete line of system controllers available. We offer microprocessor based conductivity,
pH, biocide, inhibitor and ORP controllers. also provide controllers with auto dial out on
alarm, system data logging and automatic reporting functions. Controllers can be configured
to operate pumps, valves, solenoids for complete control over process chemistry. also offers
test equipment for the customer to use in evaluating and testing their process chemistry.

We offers bacteria/fungus test growth strips for testing bacteria and fungus in bulk water.
They are available 10 to a box and are a good indicator of the total number of mobile
organisms surviving in the bulk water in a system.

Free Chlorine Test packets
DPD free chlorine test packets for analysis of chlorine in water with a color comparator.

Molybdenum Test Kit-Test Kit for analyzing the amount of Molybdate molybdenum
in a system for use in controlling a molybdenum containing inhibitor.

Cooling Tower and Boiler Water Controllers- offers several different types of
controllers based on customers needs. These range from inhibitor and biocide controllers to
system controllers with multiple functions, modem dial out and data collection ability. The
more sophisticated system can be monitored from off site and adjusted as conditions

  Cooling Tower and Boiler Metering Pumps- offers a number of different electronic
metering pumps for cooling tower and boiler applications. They are available in a wide
variety of capacities and pressures.  All of the metering pumps offer adjustable output
setting to provide for easy control over water chemistry.