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7.         Cleaner /Coatings
Iron Phosphate Conversion Coating
        LIP 1 is a highly concentrated iron phosphate product for use in pre paint or
pre coating applications. LIP 1 may be used in three or seven stage
phosphating applications.

LIP 20 is similar to LIP 1.

LIP 21 is a catalyzed iron phosphate product with good wetting and coating
characteristics. It may be used in three stage phosphating operations with
clean parts or as a phosphater/cleaner with the addition of a surfactant.  LIP 21
may be used in pre paint or pre coat applications where the enhanced surface
adhesion of an iron phosphate is desirable.
Zinc Phosphate
        ZIP 1 is a zinc phosphate product formulated to provide an even, rust resistant
zinc phosphate coating to steel and cast iron parts.
Specialty Coating
        Black Oxide-“Black Beauty” -#400250-developed for GKi, to recoat
remanufactured tool holders. Black Beauty is easy to apply in dip operations at
10% concentration. It produces a lustrous, corrosion resistant black finish on
tool steels and holders. Black Beauty is an excellent choice for tool repair cribs
and shops as a coating prior to shipment or storage.