: This is a completely new technology to the metalworking industry.
NUSOL 21 General is like no other metalworking fluid on the market today. NUSOL 21
is manufactured using a proprietary process that gives the product many unique
characteristics that will promote very high productivity and minimal downtime for the end user.
NUSOL 21 General formulated using a unique preformed emulsion of very small particle size.
This small particle size provides a very durable and uniform lubricant film, enhanced cooling, a
very clean running fluid, and exceptional hard water stability.  It is suitable for long life grinding
and light machining of ferrous material, available in blue or no dye.

NUSOL 21 SUPREME: It is higher in concentration for machining steels and cast irons.

NUSOL 21 HIGH PERFORMANCE: It offers all the benefits of the Supreme with the added
lubricity for aluminum alloys by using synthetic oils rather than the high viscosity petroleum
oils.  In fact HP base synthetic oil is nearly 5 times the viscosity for better film strength on
tough applications. Also available in blue dyed version.

NUSOL ULTRA: The top of range metalworking fluid with EP package designed for machine
Aluminum and exotic metals that have small diameter drills, taps and reamers.


NUSOL cutting 4340 steel
NUSOL has excellent hard
water stability, it will not
break away from the
emulsion and float to top.
4.        Metalworking Fluids

a. Honing (oil based)
CT 611-S
CT 606-H-45
SUS naphthenic, flash point >250 F
Chemhone 620- 40 SUS PAO with sulfur & OBCS

b. Honing (water based)

c. Grinding (oil based)
CT-100P- 90 SUS paraffinic w/0.15% sulfur
Chemgrind 5  (Carbide grinding)
Chemgrind 70 (grinding carbide, tool steel with chiller)
Chemgrind 200  (Grinding tool steel)
Chemgrind 210  (Job shop thread grinding)                               
CT 8052-HS (Gear grinding)
CT 3200-P Non Chlorinated     
d. Grinding (synthetic water based)
Lubricut 4215 (Blanchard Rotary Grinders)
Lubricut 4235 (OD/ID, centerless, surface and rotary grinding)
Lubricut 4250 (OD and surface grinding)
Lubricut 4157 (OD and surface grinding of aluminum)
CT 700 (Carbide Grinding)
CT 794 (Carbide Grinding)

e. Grinding (semi synthetic water based)
Lubricut 1020 (OD and surface grinding)
Lubricut 1030 (OD and surface grinding)

f. Grinding (Soluble Oil water based)
CT 250 (OD/ID, centerless, surface and rotary grinding)
CT 250 NC (OD/ID, centerless, surface and rotary grinding)
CT 250 CT (OD/ID, centerless, surface and rotary grinding)

g. Belt Grinding

h. Tapping (oil based)
CT 498B
 (Non-ferrous materials)
Cutall 200 EPX (200 SUS Naphthenic w/fat, sulfur & chlorine)
Chemtap (Tap Magic Replacement)

i. Tapping (Water Based)
Jamby Tap (Synthetic)
Lubricut 1145
Lubricut 1144
Lubricut 1050
CT 250

j. Broaching (oil based)
CT 154177-7
CT 2039C

k. Broaching (water based)
CT 2500-H
CT 250
Lubricut 1145
Lubricut 4088

l. Gun Drilling Oil (Oil Based)
CT Gun Drill Oil
CT 237
CT 2039-C
(90 SUS Naphthenic w/fat, sulfur & chlorine)
CT 8052-B    

m. Gun Drilling ( Water Based)
Lubricut 1145           
n. Gear Shaving (Oil Based)
Chemcut CF 145
CT 8052-B
Cutall 200EPX
Cutall 200EP

o. Gear Shaving ( Water Based)
Lubricut 4088
Lubricut 1145

p. Boring (Oil Based)
Chemcut CF-145
CT 8052B

q. Boring ( Water Based)
Lubricut 4250
Lubricut 4235
Lubricut 1144
Lubricut 1040
CT 250

r. Sawing (Oil Based) Mist System
CT 498B

s. Sawing (Water Based)
Lubricut 116
Lubricut 4250
Lubricut 1040
CT 250 NC

t. Screw Machines-Dual Purpose Oil
Chemcut CT 150P
CT 239
CT 8052B
(Non-Chlorinated)-Davenports- 90 SUS Naphthenic w/fat, sulfur & phosphate
CT 2039C

u. Screw Machine (Water Based) Coolant-NOT Dual Purpose
Lubricut 1040
CT 250

v. Cold Heading (Oil Based)
CT 3388CU
Chemform 68
 (Dual-purpose for nut formers and bolt makers)
Chemform 75  (Dual-purpose)
Chemform145  (Dual-purpose)
Chemform 89-S  (Heavy-duty, flood application, active sulfur)
Chemform 90-S   (Active sulfur for small fasteners and parts)
Chemform 160-S  (Heavy-duty for large parts or drip application)

w. General Purpose Machining & Grinding ( Water Based)

i. Soluble Oils
CT 250 CT (Formulated for hard water, all-purpose soluble oil that can run a variety of
metals on a variety of operations. CT 250 has a 6% chlorinated EP package to insure
excellent tool life and work piece finishes. This product offers good rust protection and  
relatively low foam characteristics. The product also contains a biocide that is a non-
formaldehyde release type. )
CT 250-chlorinated
CT 250 NC non-chlorinated
CT 250 PWI
(non chlorinated Pratt Whitney approved)

ii. Semi-Synthetics Non-Chlorinated
Lubricut 116 (10% oil containing designed for cast iron and steel machining)
Lubricut 1020 (20% oil containing designed for cast Iron and Steel machining & grinding)
Lubricut 1030 (30% oil containing, All metals including Aluminum)
Lubricut 1040 (40% oil containing all metals)
Lubricut 1042 (designed for magnesium machining and Mexican water)
Lubricut 1050 (Pratt & Whitney/Aircraft Approved, non active sulfur EP. Will work on all

iii. Semi-Synthetics Chlorinated
Lubricut 1132- LC 1030 with chlorine
Lubricut 1144- lower cost LC 1145
Lubricut 1145- All metals

iv. Synthetics
Lubricut 4215 (Designed for use on Blanchard rotary grinder, double disc, surface and O.D.
grinding. Excellent fines settling, rust protection, non-foaming and will provide outstanding
Lubricut 4235 (This product is designed for steel and cast iron. It is especially         
recommended or customers who demand superior corrosion protection.)
Lubricut 4250 (The heavier duty version of Lubricut 4235. This product has a higher level of
polymer than Luricut 4235 and is better suited to machine alloys steels and powdered
metal. This coolant has a very high degree of rust protection characteristics, and will protect
on both hard and soft water)
Lubricut 4265 (This product has out performed competitive semi-synthetic and many soluble
products. Lubricut 4265 runs clean, rejects tramp oils, is low foaming, offers excellent rust
protection and is biologically stable. This product is excellent for accounts that want to use
one product throughout the plant for recycling reasons. Lubricut 4265 can be used in most
light weight aluminum operations)
CT 972
Lubricut 4275
(The heaviest duty synthetic that we manufacture. This product offers the
most lubricity of our “true solution” synthetic products. It has more lubricity for aluminum and
stainless steel operations)
Lubricut 4280 Aircraft Approved
Lubricut 4157
(truly low foaming for high speed and feed jobs and excellent for hard-water
stability assures low consumption and clean machine surface)
Lubricut 4158

v. Carbide Grinding
CT 700 (Developed for carbide grinding. This product resists cobalt leaching, is low foaming.

CT 794: Synthetic coolant designed for use in carbide tool grinding. This product resists
cobalt   leaching, is low foaming, and will settle swarf relatively quickly.

x. Glass Grinding
CT 500 LC (Water Based)

y. General Purpose Machining & Grinding ( Neat Oil)

CT 239: More economical version of Cutall 200-EP – 170 SUS, 2% chlorine with trace
sulfur, non staining. It is suitable for machining medium carbon, stainless steel, and steel
alloys. Also recommended for screw machines and medium broaching applications.
CT 2039-C: Heavy duty version of Cutall 200-EP – 90 SUS, 9% chlorine, 1 % active sulfur,
will  stain. Formulated for medium to heavy duty applications on steel alloys and stainless         
steel. It excellent for broaching and reaming operations that require good micro finish.
CUTALL 200-EP: Chlorinated oil with active sulfur and fat for screw machine operations and
broaching. Machining of medium carbon, stainless steel and alloy steels, 200 SUS.
CT 8025-B: Non-chlorinated oil for use in screw machines can be used as a tri-purpose fluid
(hydraulic, cutting, and lubricating) for machining of leaded steels and free machining steels.    
CT 8025- B can also be used in gun drilling and other operations that require a less viscous
oil, 100 SUS.
CT 498 B: Acculube replacement for sawing and tapping aluminum. More economical
and better lubricity than the synthetic based CT 495.
CT 100-P: An economical grinding and screw machine oil that offers excellent lubricity without
the use of chlorine. CT 100-P will work on all metals, and is low misting, low odor and offers
good oxidation stability, 90 SUS/ 18cSt.
CT 119-ES: An economical grinding oil with a low viscosity for excellent micro finishes,
70 SUS/ 14 cSt.

z. EDM fluid
CT EDM Golden

aa. Lapping compounds
CT 3436 (diluents)
Lapping Compound 80

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