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8.         Cleaners
    General Purpose Cleaner
        Pressure Wash Detergent
HD Pressure Wash Detergent
Citra Soap
Citrus Parts Cleaner
GP Wash
    Radiator –Diesel Engines
      Cooling System Cleaner
        Fast Acting
Slow Acting
      Air Conditioning Flush
        AC Flush Solution
      Adhesive Cleaner
        Boat Hull Cleaner- Fiberglass
Boat Hull Cleaner- Aluminum
General Purpose Cleaner
Bilge Cleaner
Industrial & Parts Cleaners
      Parts Cleaners-Solvent Type
        CT 502-Odorless
Parts Cleaning Solvent
Chemsolv 144 (Low VOC)
Pyro-Limonene BB
      Parts Cleaner Wipes
        CT Clean 15861-duo cone seal
      Parts Cleaners-Water Based (Spray Bottle/Dip-Agilift)
        CT 107  d- Limonene base
CT 108 GD
CT 109
LAC 125
(ferrous only)
Cast Clean IC
CT 4165
CT 100
(ferrous only)
      Machine Tool Exterior Cleaner  
        Clean MaSheen (ALC 215)

: biodegradable, water soluble, heavy duty cleaner-degreaser formulated with an
exceptionally mild yet tough multi-component surfactant-emulsifier system designed to achieve superior cleaning and degreasing capability. SLICE has also been formulated to provide residue free surfaces free of sticky or slick films.

: Multipurpose maintenance cleaner  that can be used in mop buckets
and hand
scrub applications as well as steam jennies, floor scrubbers and immersion
tanks. LMC-70RR is specially formulated to penetrate and remove oily soils
leaving behind a clean non-slip surface  fat concentrations ranging from 1/3% up
to 50% by volume. LMC-70RR also makes a great  sump cleaner for metalworking
applications and may also be used as a replacement for solvent cleaners at
concentrations of 5% to 10%.

DAC 36 (Die Cast Machine)
      Machine Sump Cleaner
ALC 40
(includes biocide)
      Industrial Parts Washer for Cleaning and Rust Protection
        SORP 10
LAC 145
196 AL
CT 57
Maintenance Cleaner
        LMC-93- low pH, high detergent
CT 108GD- low cost all purpose-CAT Decatur
CT 109 Green
CT 107
        Blue Sky

CS 100


(ALC 215)-high detergent, high foam, oil removal.

CT 107 D

CT 108 GD
Non-Phosphate, water dilutable mild alkaline multi-purpose cleaner.
It is
safe for use on plastic, glass, aluminum, steel, tile, and other hard surfaces.
      Hand Cleaners
        Heavy Duty Liquid with Pumice
Heavy Duty w/o Pumice
Hand Cleaner with Pumice
Hand Cleaner without Pumice
Hand Cleaner Disinfectant
(Life Fitness)
      Towels & Wipes
        Lint Free Wipes- duo cone seal assembly
Wypall Shop Towels
Lint Free Cleaning Kit
Water Based Industrial Cleaners Spray Washers
    Ferrous Alloys
        LAC 110 (Liquid Alkaline Cleaner): developed for ferrous alloys. It has
outstanding at removing oily smut from drawing and machining applications.
Recommended for spray applications operating at 140o/60oC- 170oF/ 76.6oC.
LAC 110 will not foam. It has excellentdetergency and bath life. It will remove
most contaminants at concentrations between 4-7%.

LAC 145: All metal safe high detergency based aqueous alkaline cleaner low
foaming spray applications. Excellent in process rust process ideal for ferrous
and aluminum applications run between 4-7%. It will clean coolant and straight
oil off while providing
a thin film for corrosion protection.

LARZIP 15: Highly concentrated liquid alkaline cleaner (60% solids) for in
process cleaning of ferrous metals. Other applications include, paint stripping,
rust stripping, zinc phosphate stripping, scale removal, plastic dunnage cleaning,
and as a purging solution for industrial spray washers and tanks. Concentrations
from 1% to 25% and temperatures from ambient to  boiling may be used.

LAC Rust
    Aluminum Alloys
        ALAC: A mild liquid alkaline cleaner formulated with silicates, chelating and
sequestering agents used to boost soil removal, tie up minerals and increase
bath life in industrial spray washers and immersion tanks. ALAC is designed to
be a multi-purpose, multi metal
cleaner capable of running at all temperatures from ambient to 160oF/ 71oC.
Concentration ranges from 1% to 5% by volume are recommended. ALAC leaves
a thin transparent rust proofing film.

ALC 60: A mild liquid alkaline cleaner with a build-in surfactant to help aid in the
removal of difficult soils ranging from oils to carbon smut on ferrous and
aluminum parts. This product is suitable for use in both spray washers and
immersion tanks at concentrations of 3% to 6 %. Due to the 125oF/ 52oC cloud
point, temperatures in spray washers should
run between 130oF/54.4oC and 190oF/87.7oC otherwise excessive foam can be
expected. In immersion systems, temperatures can run from ambient to 190oF/
87.7oC. Most effective cleaning will take place just below the cloud point.

LAC Rust: Mild alkaline cleaner used primarily in spray washers for cleaning and
rust proofing steel parts for indoor storage. It is also effective and safe on all
types of non-ferrous metals as well may be used in both spray and soak
applications. Temperatures from ambient to 180oF/ 82.2oC for ferrous metals
and ambient to 140oF/60oC for non-ferrous metals and concentrations from 1%
to 5% for ferrous and 1% to 3% for non-ferrous metals are recommended.
LAC 147

LAC 150 (oil rejecting)
Vibratory Cleaners
        LAC 100: Vibratory Finishing Cleaner for Ferrous Metals. This Product will
provide excellent detergency and a stable foam blanket that will prevent
vibratory media from sticking to parts. Recommended dilutions are 3-6%. Not
recommended for aluminum alloys.

LAC 125: High forming alkaline cleaner formulated for power spray and dip
tank/ultrasonic applications. Excellent for ferrous alloys only. It has high pH, high
 surfactant/ detergency package and it will remove straight oil, grease, and
coolant. Dilutions range is 4-7%.

CT 500 LC
        LAC 200: Similar chemistry as the LAC 100 but compatible with aluminum alloys.
It also run well on ferrous if customer wishes to run only one product.

Cast Clean IC

CT 500 LC

CT 290 FC
Hard Surface Cleaners     
        CT 109 Green: Heavy duty, citrus based, biodegradable, water extendable
cleaner/ degreaser that may be used at concentrations from 3% to full strength.
CT 109 (GREEN) will rapidly penetrate and lift a wide range of petroleum, animal
and vegetable
based oils and greases while providing exceptional rust protection even at lean
concentrations. Safe for all metals except certain aluminum alloys.


CT 107 D